Friday, April 13, 2012

Have you a bucket list?

Selling books about bucket lists is big business so perhaps they have persuaded you to create one. This is a story about someone's list.

Mrs. T's mother has a life long girlfriend; they met in kindergarten and have been closer than sisters ever since. The girlfriend, who is as much a part of our extended family as hers, is one of God's gifts to mankind. The world is a better place in many countless, anonymous ways because of she and her loving family. I'm blessed to have gotten to know them.

Girlfriend, who might pass for 15 years younger, had a mega-milestone birthday last week. At her birthday bash, after the cake, the toasts and her husband's heartfelt speech attesting to what a joy their marriage has been, he presented his lovely bride with a gift from her bucket list, in front of 75 or so of her nearest and dearest.

2012 triple black Porsche

I made my own list as soon as we arrived home.



Shelley said...

That is one beautiful bucket!

A former mother-in-law was presented with her dream car - a Cadillac - on Christmas Day. The dealer who delivered it presented the keys with 'You must have been a very good girl.' I was pleased for her to have her lovely grey Caddy, but part of me remembered that they had joint finances and so I wondered exactly how grand the gesture was. Probably one of the many reasons we are formers.

Happy birthday to your friend...if it's not already happy enough!

Anonymous said...

That's awesome! How fun for her. I've been car shopping the last 2 weeks. While I've driven some nice cars, I can attest that none are quite as fun as that one. - KT

LLP said...

Nice toy.

Anonymous said...

ummm, how old is the birthday girl?

Toad said...

A gentleman should never discuss a woman's age, but let's say it's a round number >70<90.

Old Polo said...

Absolutely GREAT!

Anonymous said...

My gosh wow, well if she's not fit as a fiddle, then she will be 'cause getting down into that seat, and back up out again is quite the test of strength and flexibility!


Suburban Princess said...

Ooooo what fun! I'm still waiting for my BMW! You will need to share a photo of her in her fab new car!

Justin said...

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