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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Two bits of reassurance

We are each our own worst critics, and my horizontal seersucker suit had been quietly festering, until yesterday. You must thoroughly understand that I love the suit. I know that for I have named it, which is always a good sign. I'm not beyond telling Mrs. T that I'm taking Bubba out for the evening, when asked what I plan to wear. Bubba and I await a lifetime of fabulous memories.

Whatever apprehension I had evaporated when I saw the photo below, swiped from tumblr. This dude trumps and looks fantastic. I love the pocket.

On the plus side, while trying to find the name of the Brit tailors who purposefully tailor horizontal corduroy suiting (Cordarounds) I can across this tidbit from The Guardian and from Cosmos. According to learned, scientific study (of a sort) it's horizontal stripes that make the wearer appear thinner, not vertical. So there.

I promise this is the last word on Bubba for quite some time, for I have tamed the beast.


Thursday, February 2, 2012


I caught a lot of off line grief over my white oxford cloth suit idea. Not having given up hope that my critics are perhaps over zealous in their condemnation I purchased the necessary fabric and will let it stew in a drawer for a while. We'll see.

As an instead, I also ordered a quantity of white on white seersucker fabric. I'd never seen w/w seersucker before and was captivated immediately. The fabric puckers much more like a BB seersucker than a Haspel, for which I am thankful.

So the game is afoot. My appointment is set for Monday with the alchemist. So what shall I do?

Since it's to be a casual summertime suit, my plan is for something uncommon, and a little bit unexpected. Say an unlined, shawl collared, 6 into 1 double breasted suit, inspired by the top photo, which recently won the Summer Snapshot contest at The Cable Knit Charlestonian. Horsey back, patch and flap pockets. I'm set on the collar but am happy to hear your suggestions otherwise. Let 'er rip.

Happy Groundhog Day. Should the weather over the next 2 months stink, it will still have been a great winter.