Monday, April 9, 2012

The Eternal Springing of Hope

Along with being a forgetful gardener I am also overly patient. While in some parts of the country wisteria is a deer resistant nuisance weed, it is rarely seen here. Naturally, that causes me to want to grow it. I'd want to grow deer resistant palms in the Arctic, if I was there, but that's another story.

Six years ago, we moved to The Park, moving many plants from our previous home along with us, including 3 wisteria purchased in Hope, Arkansas the year before. I transplanted them along a farm fence and promptly forget about them.

The first winter here was brutally cold, with lots of ice which killed most every plant in the ground. The following spring, the wisteria stalks were black, and I believing them dead, pulled 2 out in the fall, one I seemingly lost or missed one.

Two years later I planted 2 locally hardy wisteria which thanks to benign neglect are becoming well established. Last week, while I clearing honeysuckle along the fence row I found this,

my lost wisteria. 5 years later it has returned from the dead. Seems fitting for Easter season.



Gail, in northern California said...

It seems sometimes plants thrive "in spite of our efforts". ;-) Happy for you. One can only hope the deer don't discover those tender shoots.

Fingers crossed, have a good day ~

Anonymous said...

He is risen!

-"Ancient" Flo