Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Cure for Happiness

Is this beautiful spring making you unusually happy? Too full of life's good cheer? The smell of honeysuckle and lilac in the morning making you giddy with joy? If your life is a beer commercial and you're happy as a clam about it, come back tomorrow, but if all this sweetness and light is just a bit too much for you, and you are in the US, there's hope.

Turner Classic Movies has the medicine to drop kick you into a four day funk. Tune in tomorrow, April 26, from 6am EDT while TCM airs back to back to back... adaptations of several Tennessee Williams' classics, some he even had a hand in adapting for the screen, although it's unlikely he remembered.

Scheduled are:

Night of the Iguana
Period of Adjustment
Sweet Bird of Youth
The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
Baby Doll

Not a laugh, nor hardly a smile all day. Set your TIVO to record and you can self medicate anytime.



T said...

Geez. I'm depressed already. Gonna go watch The Third Man to lift my spirits.

Jane Kilpatrick Schott said...

What a line up! I am happy just thinking about what a wonderful day I can have with these brilliant stories from Mr. Williams on Tivo on an overcast day in my pajamas eating Chex cereal from the box.
Oh, that Eli Wallach in Baby Face!!!!!!

Toad said...

Baby Face may be the creepiest movie I have ever seen.

heavy tweed jacket said...

Perhaps followed by a series of Eugene O'Neill plays at the local theatre?