Thursday, April 19, 2012

Please make a change

Fellow bloggers,

Occasionally, in their infinite wisdom Google changes the magic which makes Blogger work. Ofttimes the magic has unintended consequences that Big Brother won't admit to, so we users are left to our own devices to create a work around. Well, I've been Googled, and perhaps you have too.

I am unable to post comments on your blog unless, if and only if, comments appear in a pop up window. I know G didn't single me out for this special attention because smart people who also were victimized told me how to solve this problem, so I'm not taking personally, but I do miss adding my 2 cents here and there.

There is a fix, but you have to do it. It's not hard, won't change the appearance of your blog, and might reawaken commentators thought lost who are secretly crying in the wilderness. Here is what you need to do.

At the top of your New Post Page, or Edit Post page there are several tabs.

Click on Settings

Within Settings: Click on Comments

3 lines down at Comment Form Placement, click pop up window

At the bottom of the page click Save

All done, and it took longer to read than to do.

Your readers thank you.



Suburban Princess said...

Ohhh dear. Well, I prefer a popup for comments as it means I can stay on the same page and not have to keep going back and forth.

Now if only you could get everyone to turn off word verifications ;o)

Linda McMullan said...

My Gracious, Toad! I did NOT know about this...thanks so much!

David V said...

Especially word verification which give no words to enter.

YONKS said...

I used to have the pop up box but then I also wanted the option of the reply button to comments made on my blog. Apparently, you can't have both and I would prefer the reply option. I do agree with you on word verification, it drives me CRAZY! I am less inclined to leave a comment if it is on.