Saturday, April 28, 2012

Harper lee

To Kill a Mockingbird in grade school, I naturally assumed at the time that since the book was set in the '30's Nelle Harper Lee must be long dead. I was wrong. She is very much alive and kicking and today is her birthday.

Those who care know the story and backstory of her only published novel, so I shan't repeat them here. I will leave you with one piece of Lee family trivia. Harper's big sister Alice, is the oldest practicing attorney in Alabama. Aged 101, Alice knows and remembers all the secrets.

Happy Birthday Ms. Lee and thank you.



Anonymous said...

This is a dandy little essay making an interesting dileneation between accommodation and reform using the text of TKAM.

Happy Birthday Ms. Lee.


Karena said...

A very Happy Birthday to Miss Lee. I was fascinated by the book the 1st time I read it!! Truly a classic! Interesting background Toad.

Art by Karena

Tammy B said...

That is my sister's favorite book. She missed the opportunity to meet her a few years ago when she spoke at the University of the South, only 45 minutes away. I think she may have signed a few autographs there.

Anonymous said...

My all time favorite book. Happy Bday. - KT