Thursday, April 12, 2012

Wm. King Clothiers-Bristol, Tennessee

Remember when mother would take you to the department store? It was a big deal. Shopping then wasn't far removed from Miracle on 34th Street. In whichever department we shopped, whatever we may have purchased, Mother told the clerk "send it". No lady sullied her white gloved hands schlepping packages home. Sometime later that day, or certainly no later than the next morning our packages would be delivered by a man in uniform, beautifully wrapped in mountains of tissue.

Sharing that story with my children might have me committed. Verily, there was such once a day, although to paraphrase Dylan Thomas, it is "now and out of all sound."

Such a place still exists however. I was telephone shopping with my friend Wm. King of
Wm. King Clothiers in Bristol, Tennessee not long ago. He invited me down for the NASCAR doings held nearby, but I passed, giddily happy to be amongst people who love sharing their passion for fine clothing.

After a bit of to-ing and fro-ing I eventually made my mind up, and placed an order that was more trouble to Mr. King than it was worth. Ever the gentleman he kept a straight face and pretended he had all day. I love shopping there.

Amongst the mound of exquisite wrapping was this belt from Southern Proper, which in a just world I'd be considered too old or not old enough to be sporting. Now that I appear horizontally thinner I do not care.

The green ribbon which tied the package is their signature croakie. How cool is that?
If you're unable to stop in give William a call, just never on Wednesday. Thank you Mr. King. I do so love our time together.


Disclosure: This post like all others is my gift to you and Mr. King, and not a paid endorsement. No compensation was offered or accepted in exchange for this post, save for my paying for the goods I purchased. I've got the receipt.


Anonymous said...

For your reading pleasure, Sir.


Anonymous said...

i grew up in kingsport, just down the road from bristol. nice to see that a shop of this quality is doing well there.