Sunday, April 22, 2012

What would the Queen wear?

From our friends at

I envy the stamina and dedication to duty the Queen of England has. Every day, same stuff different day, it's got to grate at some point, yet she puts on her smile and faces the crowds day after day.

Having dolts for children may be her worst failing, one of the few occasions she let down the side. Britain has survived worse than Charlie, hopefully they will survive him as well.

Vogue chased the Queen down to finally put paid to the question of what colours does HM favor for her public outings. The answer?

4% Yellow
11% Green
29% Blue
10% Purple
11% Cream
10% Pink
4% Red
4% Orange
13% Floral
2% Black
1% Checked
1% Beige

Now you know too.



Martha said...

I love the rainbow queen!

LPC said...

Now that is one of the greatest infographics ever.

heavy tweed jacket said...

Brilliant. The queen always looks lovely. Her dedication and seeming enjoyment of her duties is actually inspiring. Great post.