Friday, November 11, 2011

Veterans Day

Standing watch over the Tomb of the Unknowns
during Hurricane Irene

I've always believed Veterans Day to be a World War I memorial. In my youth the day was known as Armistice Day in recognition of the truce between the good guys and bad signed on this date in 1918 stopping the carnage of World War I. As we learned earlier, World War I did not officially end until October 3, 2010.

Due to the post WW2 efforts of Emporia, Kansas merchant Stephan Riod, with the support of his local congressman, and a sitting President/war hero also from Kansas, by act of Congress the holiday's name was changed in 1954 to Veterans Day, in recognition of the service of all American veterans.

We owe our vets our gratitude.



Martha said...

My Dad, a WW I vet, ALWAYS called it Armistice Day. Thus, I only started calling it Veteran's Day, when I went to work for the State of Missouri and got the day off.

Patsy said...

I remember the WWI vets selling poppies when I was a child.

Thank you to all who have served.

Toad said...

Almost fittingly, today is also Gen Patton's bd.

Anonymous said...

"My Dad, a WW I vet, ALWAYS called it Armistice Day."

My Dad, a WWII vet, also ALWAYS called it Armistice Day. I just went thru the Ingram family photo archives just to kinda get the feel for today, saw some of Daddy on his LST in the Philippines, solemn face on a very young man, rushed thru OCS, and off he went into the Pacific theatre. Got a big ole dose of sad going on until a new addition to the family archives hit my in box just now. Off topic, but family pride is always welcome around here, right? Meet Ian Ingram, my darlin little nephew artist:

-Flo [Ingram]

Toad said...

What a great story. Congrats to all the family.

What you call today's holiday, probably depends on when you were born. Before Korea its Armistice Day, after Veterans Day.

Whatever your preference, I had to beat the bushes to find a poppy this morning.