Monday, November 28, 2011

Do I want to be a pincushion?

I'm trying to keep an open mind.

My shoulder hurts. Last year it was the other side so I know how this goes. If I go to the shoulder Dr. he'll say to me, you're old, you have bursitis, then he'll give me shot which will help for a couple of days, and gradually a year later I'll get better. Been there done that.

Every day I pass an acupuncturist. I've never visited but from my viewpoint I have little to lose, and may unblock my Qi. Any advice?



Linda McMullan said...

Toad, Husband's shoulder mysteriously turned into a cauldron of pain in late September, and despite every x-ray known to man, Docs can find nothing wrong with him. Gave a go at chiropractic...Nada. Shots of cortisone into shoulder, rounds of Prednisone, bottles of OTC pain relievers, and some hydrocodone ...Nada. Most interesting treatment was from a 350 pound barefoot female massage therapist. My Husband wistfully reported that she had pretty feet, but got no relief. Let me know if you find the magic potion, even if it is needles!

Anonymous said...

I am sorry, nothing worse, you have my empathy and sympathy. And the same to Linda's husband, as well. Agony.

This is a very good overview of "Impingement Syndrome" which might be what's fired up your shoulder. The cascade of events set in motion by an insult or injury is nicely explained here, as is the first order of business which is getting the inflammation/swelling DOWN so you can avoid adhesive capsulitis, an unspeakably miserable and painful condition. I've had it in both shoulders, both of which were treated by my husband, a doctor of physical therapy [not a chiropractor].

The ideal situation is to treat the underlying cause rather than the symptoms, but the shoulder is so tightly-packed and intricately complicated, and accurate diagnoses are increasingly hard to come by given the hurry-up state of medical matters these days. Getting the swelling and inflammation down while keeping blood flow up via slight mobility exercises is what you can be doing from home, immediately.

Again, ideally, you want an accurate diagnosis in order to get a tailored, accurate treatment plan, BUT if a rigorous program of mega-dose ibuprophen [600-800 mgs every 4 to 6 hours, for 10 days] calms down your shoulder, then you may be one of the lucky ones who doesn't have a more complicated situation [a tear, a spur].


Steph said...

I have a friend who swears by it! I have been trying to get hubby to go as he is having problems with his shoulder and back... no such luck though! I think you should give it a go!

Toad said...

I'll never sleep again knowing what I've learned today. So I've decided on the mega dose ibuprofen regime and have scheduled acupuncture Thursday.

If some is good, maybe more is better. Many thanks.

of course I'll report back

Sbuckley said...

A few years ago, I developed tennis elbow. My elbow got progressively worse, until I could not even lift a half gallon of milk without intense pain.

I talked to friends who had similar ailments and their doctors told them that it took at least 6 months of rest before the pain went away. To me that was unacceptable. I researched alternatives and read many articles of the success of acupuncture.

Although I have a fear of needles, the pain was too much and I began seeing an acupuncturist four years ago. My elbow was pain free two weeks latter and I still visit the acupuncturist once a month for the stress relieving properties of acupuncture. I swear the hour I am in her office, I sleep the deepest that I sleep all month!

Good Luck,

Toad said...

Susan, you've made my day

Anonymous said...

As my husband says, the treatment that WORKS is the best treatment for you; the program that you'll actually FOLLOW, is the best program for you; the practitioner you TRUST, is the best one for you. Patient involvement is far superior to passive compliance. You're already out ahead, GOOD LUCK tomorrow!


Old Polo said...

Had accupuncture. Worked. Pain was lower back. Good Luck, I think that you will find relief. Took me three or four visits.

Toad said...

In the mean time the mega-ibu's are working wonderfully.