Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Female skirted boxers

Christine Brennan of USA Today chimed in on skirt wearing women boxers yesterday.



Linda McMullan said...

Sooo happy to see this article; thanks for posting that link, Toad. Christine Brennan's article is spot on, and quoting Imogen Bankier and Richard Lapchick helps the general and perhaps not-all-that-interested public to realize that this is about Sport.

Not sex, not visual appeal, but grass stains, bruises, dedication, and the ancient drive to physically be the best one can be.

Anonymous said...

Go Linda McMullen, right on. The only solution is that both sexes must revise their sporting attire, not just the women. If the women must wear skirts, then the men must wear kilts.

Do I see your wonderful ADG gift hanging up there on the wall?


Linda McMullan said...

Hear, Hear! Love that rule, Flo!

Toad said...

Flo: ADG's gift is scheduled for a Nov 14 debut

JMW said...

Well said, Christine. Wu needs a good left hook to the head.

Patsy said...

I think atheletes of both sexes should be given the choice of what they prefer to wear - outside of obvious safety gear.

They have to pry my running skirt off my cold dead legs. It's impossible to find running shorts for a woman of a certain age and weight class.