Friday, November 4, 2011

Odds and Ends

1. Halloween Photos

The photo above first appeared on the New York Social Diary last Tuesday. Should you ever encounter this mask in real life, for sale get in touch quickly. I want it!

Yesterday was the first day it truly felt like fall in Mayberry. It was cold, damp, blustery. One of those days the dogs, and me, needed to be pushed to go outside. I stayed curled up with Ralph's big book dreaming of tweed and wool blankets,all the while dealing with the wet dogs on my lap. Overall a good day, especially for catching up.


One thing leads to another around here and this week was no exception.

We have a small case clock, in the family room. I love listening to its rhythmic patter, especially while reading a book. Sadly, I'm the only one who cares to hear it chime, so the quarter chime and hour gongs remain muted.

In our previous house the clock lived on a landing in the stairway to the upper floors. Allegedly, clocks were once put there so that the face would be visible to anyone in the hallway. Great in theory, poor in practice especially if you have a precocious grandson. You'll never see a 3 year old move so quickly as when a clock he was just climbing is now rolling down the stairway towards him. All ended well, the only damage was to the clock face and little boy's fear of whatever was coming next.

We have never done anything about the clock face, so I have taken it upon myself to build a replacement, the clockmaker has nothing to offer, so for several nights I've been reviewing photos of grandfather and grandmother clocks searching for just the right mix of whimsy and gravitas. If you have a favorite send along a photo.

Photos 2 and 3 from Ralph Lauren



Martha said...

I want that mask, too!!!!

kimme crew said...

Dear Toad,

Try this web site, united Adult fox mask, item F61363. Last year for my husbands 55th, we had a custome party/ photo shoot and ordered some adult animal masks. It was quite fun. Good luck with your search.

kimme crew said...

Sorry bad typing, Actually, it was spell checker

Anonymous said...

FOX! I thought it was a raccoon! I'm headed back to remedial animal ID school in shame.

My first thought was how much the masks look handmade, they differ from each other in a couple of ways, so I suspect they're not just a stamped-out "import," I don't think. They sure are neat, though!


Old Polo said...

I like your new header picture. It would be hard to wear the fox mask if you need your glasses to see well enough to get around.

JMW said...

I LOVE the Fabulous Mr. Fox masks - must have one for Halloween next year!

Toad said...

Thank you Kimme, done and done.

OP maybe I can claim to be old enough to need a walker. Perhaps someone like Ms. Fox in the photo.