Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Ski Bunny

Ever have a conversation with your better half begin,"Do you remember how well I skied the week before our wedding? Well, I think I should try it again."

"What's 12 years?", I said.

We are planning a road trip. There is a first rate production of Annie scheduled in Topeka, Kansas next week, and I'd like to see it, especially since Annie is my darling granddaughter.

While organizing our adventure, I was presented a convoluted plan that included racing home after the play so that Mrs. T's second born, who lives in Wisconsin, and is moving to Denver, could drive to Mayberry, pick his mother up and whisk her away to Denver to help him get settled.

I suggested that since Topeka was almost half way, why don't we simply continue our drive together to Denver. Without the detour #2 kid saves several hundred miles of driving, and we needn't hurry. I also reminded Mrs. T that my first born, who also lives in Denver, is having a birthday while we are there. That's when the normal voice of reason in our family mentioned skiing.

I envision Thanksgiving dinner in a hospital cafeteria.



Bob said...

Enjoy the special production of Annie. The road trip is actually a splendid idea. Hm, now as for skiing thoughts, the marbles will be shaken way too much to result in any good from this consideration, even if Mrs. T were, let's say, 25 years young. We've got to protect our bones from this view of the lift! Just sayin' as I smile :-)

ADG said...

Annie is going to be sublime. No doubt. But DO NOT ski.

Suburban Princess said...

Tell Paige 'Break a leg' for me!

Barbara said...

What a perfect Annie. She will be a smash hit....I can tell by looking at her.

Nix on the skiing, kiddo.

Toad said...

A family member is an orthopedic surgeon, who suggests that women skiers of a certain age are referred to as annuities in her trade.

Anonymous said...

I'm just crossing my fingers that Paige's Annie production makes it to so we can all enjoy this adorable child!


Patsy said...

Is this Paige's stage debut?? How exciting!

Please remind Mrs. T that not all skiing involves downhill. Cross Country skiing is wonderful! You get a better view of the scenery and it's much easier to tote a flask of your favorite toe warmer.

Toad said...

flo, I'm already charging the video camera.

James said...

How proud you must be of your little Annie.Yes move heaven and earth to see her.As for skiing,well don't eat the hospital jello.

Anonymous said...

Do you think Paige [didn't she rename herself Liz at last report?] will want you to make extra effort to show up in something outrageously fabulous? or not?

I mean, what're you wearing? Lotta pressure, don't blow it.