Thursday, November 17, 2011

Beaujolais Day III

One of the great marketing coups in the world was continued this morning when at 12:01 Paris time as the 2011 vintage Beaujolais Nouveau, the first wine from the new harvest, was released to an undeserving public.

In the days of the Concorde trendy New York restaurants would have it available for luncheon. Now it may take until dinner, and certainly by Saturday it will be in your local grocery store.

If you have trendy or sophisticated friends you may be invited to a Beaujolais Nouveau party this weekend. I beg you to reconsider going, or at least to take proper precautions. I think the British say it best. This is plonk. Before you take that first sip remember that these grapes were on the vine in September. Many of the less fastidious amongst us will quietly admit to having grape juice in the fridge older than this wine. Our more experienced readers will recall that Boone's Farm aged longer and tasted better, since it was aged in transit, typically by truck from far away.

Happy International Philosophy Day!!!



YONKS said...

I remember when I lived in London in my mid 20s, the arrival of Beaujo was greatly anticipated and greeted with glee. To me, it was a huge anti-climax as the excitement of it's arrival was not matched by it's taste. Cheap vinegarry plonk, as you say!

Pink Benny said...

le bougelais e arive !

Yahoo !!!

Martha said...

As a former wine and spirit shop owner, that video was unnerving!

Giuseppe said...

I've worked in two separate places where the shelves came off the wall like that, really. Nothing like soaking up a pool of liquor and glass 4 inches deep with a mop.

As for the Beajolais...meh, who cares? I didn't even get my usual free polyester Georges Dubeouf tie from the distributor this year.