Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Land of Opportunity

America is an incredibly great country. Almost all things are possible even in these troubling times. Opportunities abound to make a dollar, for those willing to work for it.

Take for instance Jesse Dimmick, late of Topeka Kansas. Jesse is a bad guy, and has what law enforcement personnel refer to as a long rap sheet. He's a known entity. Maybe that's profiling, but one thing I learned in New Orleans several years back is you don't ever want to be on a first name basis with the guy holding the Taser.

Jesse kidnapped the Rowley's, a Topeka family in 2009. The family escaped when Jesse fell asleep, they called the police and Jesse was captured and eventually convicted. Currently, he's doing a job for the state, but still he has needs and wants, the holidays are around the corner, so acting as his own jailhouse lawyer he is suing the Rowley's for breach of contract.

According to Dimmick, the Rowley's agreed to hide Jesse from the authorities for an unspecified length of time, in return for payment of an unspecified amount of money. He's asking for $225,000 for breach of the oral contract. ( if you have forgotten your Business Law, the elements of legal contract may be found here) Plaintiff Dimmmick alleges the Rowley's failure to live up to the agreement caused him to be accidently shot in the back by Topeka authorities while being arrested.

Dimmick is also suing the city of Topeka for accidently shooting him. Naturally, this being America, the Rowley's are doubly screwed since they have to hire people to defend against the suit, and counter sue an indigent man to pay their attorney.

Merry Christmas



Anonymous said...

Mr T, thanks for sharing...i know this is not a political blog; but, my goodness, isn't it about time for some sort of tort reform?

Toad said...

Or at least time for a judge to squash the suit against the Rowley's hard and quickly.

Topeka may be in for a fight with their suit.

Anonymous said...

where's Judge Judy when we need her?

GP said...

tort reform = the corporation selects their mediator. E.g., if you have health insurance in USA., you probably don't have the right to pursue your tort in a court (read the not so fine print). Somehow, we've thrown away the rights of free citizens yet preserved them for the legitimately shot, tried, & imprisoned convicts. Uniquely American.

The Down East Dilettante said...

oh my, oh my. This tidbit finally succeeded in diverting me from an all-day teeth gnashing over the hedge fund gazillionaires who won another gazillion in Powerball.

Only in America, indeed.