Tuesday, November 8, 2011

roll on christmas

I know it's too early, but when the times comes you'll be too caught up in the season to ever catch up. That's why I'm here.

I've mentioned before one of my favorite web sites is Ship of Fools, the self described magazine of Christian unrest. I find it irreverent, funny, and politically incorrect.

To get their readers into the spirit of the upcoming holidays, Ship of Fools has created a Facebook game that all may play, Roll on Christmas. You select which of your Facebook friends gets what role in the Christmas pageant, and their visage will appear as a character, in a 2 minute video. In the end the message is serious and all is well.

Begins November 18, and might even get me to Facebook, but I wouldn't count on it.



ADG said...

There was Christmas music playing in the mall on Sunday. It was disturbing first of all, for me to be in a mall. And the music? I ain't even had on my Pilgrim outfit yet.

JMW said...

Oh, I could have some fun with that FB nativity scene. Then again, I'm probably on FB too much as it is. I need to hold off and give Thanksgiving its due before jumping into the Christmas madness. :)

Toad said...

The local Delilah radio station has gone Xmas 24-7 from now till. Yuck