Sunday, November 6, 2011

butch and sundance died today

thanks to buzzy's country store. Of course they're wearing the wrong hats.



Shelley said...


Looks like some spam got through the filter. Then again, I learned a new word (arriviste). Just wanted to say that castles in Scotland are nearly a dime a dozen. Saw one a few years back going for £150,000, about what you'd pay for a 3 bedroom semi-detached in Northern suburb at the time. Before the newspaper shut down the article to demand subscription, I believe I read that in 2002 Dunans Castle was looking for offers over £175K. Not a DIY project I could manage, mind.

Toad said...

Missing a roof, and a few other things. Couldn't cost more than a few million to put back.

Old Polo said...

History thinks that Butch survived and died of old age in Washington State. Nobody is saying anything about Sundance. There were some great lines in that movie.