Friday, September 2, 2011

VJ Day

Army Signal Corps photo
"the day for mourning of war dead and praying for peace"

Today is the anniversary of the signing of surrender documents by Japan aboard the USS Missouri ending World War 2. Known in my parents house as VJ Day, in Australia as VP Day. Why? I prefer the Japanese name,"the day for mourning of war dead and praying for peace." That should be every day.



Charles Lister said...

Never seen this in color before... Even in color images of WWII seem somber.

Martha said...

That date (unlike the date that started it all) does NOT live in infamy!

Gail, in northern California said...

Far too many people benefit, handsomely, with never-ending wars.

Patsy said...

I remember my parents saying VJ Day and VE Day. I, too, prefer the Japanese name.

Jerry Grasso said...

Love the header photo with the picture of the Cuban bar from this month's Esquire!