Friday, September 9, 2011

Canvas for fall

A constant battle raged each fall at my once future in-laws between the 2 oldest sisters. The eldest, my future wife and mother of my children, made it her custom to stock up on each of the newest flavors of Villager cardigans. Her sister, a year younger, as all sibs do, raided her sister's sweater drawer whenever the mood hit. Her preferred style was the backward cardigan. That's what started the fights.

"You've stretched my sweater out, now I can no longer wear it." "Then give it to me." "Over your dead body."

Given the perspective of time and distance, I don't recall sweater stretching attributes , but still sisters must tussle. Had only Lands End Canvas', new for fall, Back-Button Sweater existed way back then, it would have saved so much acrimony.

I enjoy the idea of LE-Canvas more than the reality. If you are much out of high school, it's not meant for you. They do provide hope for the future however. In the men's section is found a selection of club collared oxford cloth shirts with white collars in stripes and solids and chambray shirts.

For $50 I just may take a flier. It's hard to find a club collar anymore.



Anonymous said...

The mention of Villager clothing brings back many memories. Did the sibs also wear Ladybug and Pappagallo? Believe there was another brand -- Norwich? -- I coveted also.

Old Polo said...

Thanks for the heads up Toad. I have a couple of club collars but have been lusting for more. Guess I better check the old LE catalog.

Toad said...

I had forgotten Ladybug, and don't remember Norwich at all. The Ladybug shop was on one side of town, Pappagallo, only for the flats, the other. The sisters between them had all the colors, and would not share.

I used to live for fall with the wool/cord shorts and knee sox. It still rings my bell.

Patsy said...

I like Canvas. I have three or four cotton skirts, a couple of dresses, several scarves, a belt and soon, a button back cardigan!

My mom tells the story of wearing her sister's sweater to work and lying about it when her sister called. Mom bought a new sweater at lunch and threw her sister's behind her dresser when she got home. Who knew Moms could lie?

Anonymous said...

"Believe there was another brand -- Norwich? -- I coveted also."

Yes! John Meyer of Norwich was the full name as I fuzzily recall. I'm seeing a particular favorite JMON sweater and skirt in my college memory closet, heathered sweater in a cranberry mix, windowpane plaid skirt with a cranberry mix ground and a dark blueberry windowpane overlay, cranberry kneesox, yes kneesox. Weejuns.

I love the club collar shirt, but the tapered fit was a disappointment.


Toad said...

There is a girlfriend of Mrs. T's who each and most every day is decked out in Peter Pan collar. Has done so for many years.

Toad said...

Flo was it Villager that made the wooden handled purses with the buttoned on,(5 or 6 MOP buttons on each side) monogram-able covers?

girls changed the covers, as often as preppy boys changed watch bands

Anonymous said...

"Flo was it Villager that made the wooden handled purses with the buttoned on,(5 or 6 MOP buttons on each side) monogram-able covers?"

It was called the Bermuda bag, lots of folks made a version, including Lilly P. That bag is still going strong!

Anonymous said...

I also had a slightly older and much larger sister who completely ruined both of my Villager sweaters. Not a charming story to me. Sorry

Wendy said...

I grew up wearing Peter Pan collars and my sweaters backwards. Luckily, I didn't have a sister, so my closet was never raided.

Elise Meyer said...

Please have a look at the John Meyer of Norwich Board I created at Pinterest. My father was John Meyer, and I have been creating an archive. Enjoy!

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