Wednesday, September 7, 2011

It takes a long time to become young part 2

Mrs. T visited the rain soaked gulf coast for the weekend, allowing me a bit more time than usual to visit with friends around the world. One of my stops was to the Seychelles, an island nation 1000 miles east of Mombasa, Kenya and to Paradise Reoccupied, the blog of author Sandra Hanks.

Ms. Hanks has a way of stopping me cold in my tracks, causing me to rethink things I thought I believed. Rereading one of her old posts did it to me again. See what you think.

Sandra writes:"I came across a status update from a friend whose grandfather had just celebrated his 90-something birthday. In the comments it was asked if he’d spoken of any regrets he might carry from his many years of life. The answer went something like this:

The one thing I regret most is having felt old in my 50s and 60s. I wasted those decades because I had convinced myself that I was too old to enjoy them in many of the ways I well could have.

If the shoe fits.....