Monday, September 19, 2011

Two cool guys

On more than one occasion on these pages I've said that I believe today's birthday boy Jeremy Irons may be the most beautiful man ever created. I still believe that. Happy Birthday Sir Jeremy.

However, the woman who shares Jeremy's birthday minus one, represented an entire generation. Imagine the swinging sixty's, the British invasion, the mods without thinking of Twiggy. Can't be done.

Although only 16 in 1966, 5'6" and a svelte 31-22-32 on her 90 pound frame, her face was everywhere. Magazine covers, advertisements, television. The Face of the Year 1966.

Naturally, then as now, her wraith-like body stirred up loads of controversy. She was too thin, emaciated, when in fact if she was too anything, she was simply too young.

Her big eyes,3 layers of false eyelashes and lots of eyeliner, boyish haircut and Mary Quant's A line mini-dresses and geometric prints defined mid 60's fashion.

Much as the Stones or Beatles forever changed music, at a time when kids began having spending power Twiggy influenced fashion.

Still very attractive.

Happy Birthday Lesley.


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Shelley said...

She's the face (etc) for Marks and Spencer's and still going strong!