Monday, September 26, 2011

Bryan Ferry- Cool guy

NYT photo

In the back of my mind I keep thinking Roger Daltry was singing about Bryan Ferry when he hoped to die before he got old. Or perhaps Jagger was paraphrasing Bryan when he said he didn't want to be belting out Satisfaction when he was 40. Me, I'm having a tough time imagining Bryan Ferry old. Luckily for birthday boy Ferry, 66 is the new 29.


I admit Roxy Music was hardly my thing, I came way late to that party. Born during the Pre-YouTube era each album had maybe one, maybe 2 good songs. Not enough to make it worth buying. MTV saved the day. Roxy always had great vids, populated with Ferry's interest du jour.

A long time Anderson - Sheppard client, he always looks phenomenal. A-S's blog posts last spring dealt with the difficulty cutting his silk suits for the summer tour. Silk doesn't breathe well, and is hard to cut, but does look great on stage.

Happy Birthday Bryan. I should live so long.



Anonymous said...

"...66 is the new 29."

You've made my day!


Suburban Princess said...

I guess I am officially 12 now!

You forgot one of my most favourite songs....More Than This.

Clara Walmsley said...

Have always been a huge fan of Roxy Music !!!

BTW , how do you post songs on your blog ? Have been wanting to do that .

Pigtown*Design said...

I've been a roxy music fan since high school. did you see the piece in the wall street journal about ferry's london flat?


preppyplayer said...

And now? Love is a drug is endlessly spinning in my brain. That is not a bad thing.

Toad said...

Clara: select the song you want at YouTube. Below the video or song is a box marked share. click on it and a box showing Link will highlight. Ignore that, and click on embed. Cut and paste the embed code to your blog in the html tab.

Toad said...

Meg thanks, I do remember your post, also Nicki's post highlighting the needlepoint Albert's he made for Bryan.

JMW said...

Love, LOVE Roxy Music. Happy birthday to Mr. Ferry.