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Monday, August 20, 2012

20 August 1945

This letter lived in a wallet, transferred into each replacement for many years. I well up every time I read it.

To the officers and men of the First Marine Division:

The President of the United States, our Commander-in-Chief, has just announced the final and complete surrender of the Japanese people, government and armed forces. The war is officially ended. This is an hour of triumph, of pride in the great accomplishments of our arms, and joy that the bloody war which has taken so many of our comrades can claim no more.

You of the First Marine Division may well know an especial triumph, feel a particular pride for yours was the force which first turned the tide against the Japanese. Many units have fought the Japanese in the past year, but it has been over three years since this Division struck the first offensive blow of the war on land, when it landed in the lower Solomon Islands. That historic campaign, fought under the greatest hardships, attracted the attention of the whole world- and the name Guadalcanal came to be synonymous with Marine heroism, perserverance and military achievement.

You have many memories. You have left your dead at Tenaru and Wana Draw and Bloody Nose Ridge and Target Hill, Matanikau and Dakeshi. You have fought through dense jungles, mighty swamps, and coral ridges honeycombed with caves. You have endured much- extreme heat, thirst, hunger, ceaseless exposure to wind and rain. You have borne the pain of long seperation from home and family. Your life has been so Spartan, that ordinary comforts have become as luxuries.

And now it is over. The enemy is vanquished, the field is won. And now, to you who have borne the flag of your country and standard of your corps from Lungs Ridge to Shuri Castle, WELL DONE, and may God bless you.

D. Peck
Major General, U.S. Marine Corps

Friday, September 2, 2011

VJ Day

Army Signal Corps photo
"the day for mourning of war dead and praying for peace"

Today is the anniversary of the signing of surrender documents by Japan aboard the USS Missouri ending World War 2. Known in my parents house as VJ Day, in Australia as VP Day. Why? I prefer the Japanese name,"the day for mourning of war dead and praying for peace." That should be every day.


Monday, August 8, 2011

VJ Day

Alabama Civil War Veterans Home

Wars are good for 2 things in the US, creating taxes and holidays.

Personal Federal taxes began as a funding mechanism to help pay for the War of Union Aggression. When they saw what a great job it did for the US treasury, states got in on the game too. Often once the war was paid off, the money quietly slipped into another pocket, and the show went on. For instance, the State of Alabama in 2011 continues to collect a tax which funds its Civil War Veterans Retirement Home. That the home closed 72 years ago, and the last southern veteran died in 1951, is irrelevant. The tax receipts are not.


Victory Day: Were you aware that Rhode Island is the only state that still celebrates the World War II surrender of Japan? Formerly known as Victory Over Japan or VJ Day, the name has been shortened to reflect modern sensitivities. State and municipal offices are closed, and it's a paid holiday for employees of many Rhode Island businesses.

(While VJ Day is August 14, RI celebrates on the first Monday after the first Tuesday of the August- today)

Bonus daughter and I will be on the road 'till Friday. We hope you won't mind if we stop by to use your bathroom and refill our canteens. We'll try to be neat. I may be a bit slower than normal on the uptake. It's a cross we'll all have to bear.