Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Roald Dahl day

As September is Roald Dahl month, today is Roald Dahl Day; the anniversary of the birth of the celebrated spy, raconteur, bully, inventor, and author.

Roald Dahl Centre

I came late to Dahl, too late to introduce my children to his macabre world, but once there the passion never left. I love his understanding of the unfairness of childhood and his way of empowering children's revenge. None of that morality tale nonsense. Who hasn't wished for the power of the Magic Finger, or cheered as the bad kids were snuffed in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?

If what you know of Roald ends with The BFG, perhaps you would be interested in a fairly recent biography, Storyteller, the authorized biography of Roald Dahl by Donald Sturrock. Dahl had a fascinating life.



Shelley said...

I've yet to explore anything by or about this man, but being as how I do love biographies, I think I may have to take your suggestion. Thanks!

northsidefour said...

We love Dahl here, Matilda being one of our very favorites. I know very little about him though, and now I will. And we can celebrate Roald Dahl month at the library, thank you!