Friday, September 16, 2011

Straw Hat Rule II - Silent Cal

Mr. Bagwell suggests: Change hats when dove season begins.

Toad sugggests: Change hats as the weather dictates.



YONKS said...

Ahhhh, to pick up a newspaper and read about someone's head attire, sublime. Much simpler times methinks!

helen tilston said...

It appears like the largest problem of the day was head gear - in reading the article one wonders how free was the press?
Helen xx

Clara Walmsley said...

Who knew !!! I am all for bringing back the hat for both sexes. So helpful on bad hair days.

Bob said...

I salute you Sir for your sage advice. I wonder how ADG would stand with your comment? Get That Boy back on track.

Old Polo said...

I say wear what ever hat you want when ever you please.