Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Aviator sweater/ closet shopping

I figure Orvis knows what it is doing. They surprised me by shipping the genuine, made in the USA, Submariner's Sweater right away along with a note saying the trousers would ship later.

For a cotton turtleneck sweater it is heavier than I imagined. Perfect weight for fall and winter.

True to size, and reasonably versatile.

Some may recall that inspired by the photo below I went purple turtleneck shopping late last spring.

Mister Mort photo?

Flo recommended the sweater below. It is soon to become another favorite.

Should you prefer the more authentic 100% wool version of the RAF/Submariner sweater might I suggest either Areo Leathers in the UK or What Price Glory in the US. They appear very similar. I'm happy to trade down to avoid the wool at the throat.



Anonymous said...

Oh gracious, and there is poor Brigitte Bardot, she's been watching the clock all night/day, waiting to see if Sir Toad of Mayberry might include her in his famous cool people birthday salute roster, a tragic day for BB -- scorned.


Toad said...

Isn't Brigitte Grandma Kardashian?

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