Thursday, September 22, 2011

Great Service

I was unsuccessfully shopping for a pair of wool trousers for the holidays over the weekend.

Near to Christmas last year I ordered a pair of black watch tartan trousers from Orvis. Between the time I put them in my basket and checked out my size was no longer available. I grumbled about it for a few days then forgot about it. My memory is hazy, but it probably wasn't a bing bang boom order. I may have stewed about it over night, so I have only myself to blame.

Yesterday morning I was awoken by a telephone call. Hardly a propitious way to begin a day, but this one was surprising. It was a nice lady from Orvis. She reminded me of last year's failed order but phoned to tell me they would be back in stock on October 3rd. "Would I wish to reserve a pair at last years price with free shipping?" Do geese have webbed feet?

Additionally, if I cared to add to my order within the next week, shipping would also be free.

I obviously don't have the pants yet, so I can neither praise or damn them, but I do have a higher regard for Orvis's customer service today than I had yesterday. And yes, I did add to my order.

About once a week a peek at this sweater from What Price Glory, a military surplus supplier in California. I love the looks of this RAF/ Submariner sweater. The thought of a 100% wool turtleneck around my throat gives me the weebies.

Instead I popped for this cotton version from Orvis, admittedly it has neither the authenticity nor the cool factor, but I since I'll not be sailing in it, cotton will do just fine.



Anonymous said...

Had Orvis called you the day after you tried placing your original order, I'd say would have been good customer service. Calling almost a year later is a little creepy.

Barbara said...

My daughter tells me tartan plaids are very "in" this year (she saw them in Prada's window) and wanted to know where her old long tartan skirt was. We're talking 80's here...that skirt is long gone....she wanted to shorten it and be fashionable. Guess you're ahead of the game, Toad.

Anonymous said...

"It was a nice lady from Orvis. She reminded me of last year's failed order..."

Wow. I have a friend who rec'd a similar call from Pottery Barn, along with a shipping perk as well. She'd abandoned a shopping cart item at the last minute, but forgotten to "remove" it, i.e. empty the cart. How very interesting.


Patsy said...

Snappy! You'll be the hit of the Holiday Party Circuit!

Old Polo said...

I love Orvis. I think they have great products and good service. You WILL look smashing in the sweater Toad!

Stu said...

I love hearing about when companies get it right!