Monday, September 5, 2011

Goodbye Summer

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Bill Cunningham- NY Times 9-4-11



ADG said...

It's been a fun one...but a fast one ... faster than usual. One of my summer highlights was breakfast with you, Toad.

Your Marlborough Club print will be on the way this week. Be on the lookout for it and remember the deal, you've gotta frame it and show me the result.

Suburban Princess said...

I have no idea where this summer went! It flew by in a flash. I hope you made lots of fabulous memories!

I am stealing this pic...I am planning a 1920's gala for my Rotary club and am gathering inspiration :O)

Divine Theatre said...

I'm not ready. I am very much not ready at all.

Toad said...

Last week the daily highs were near 100,today it's closer to 75, rest of the week closer to 70. Talk about a smack in the face.

Toad said...

Happy Birthday Freddie wherever you are

KINGRPG said...

This event so amazing. Thanks for share.