Monday, May 17, 2010

Thank you Dr. Carver

Could be I'm just hanging with a better class crowd than I once did, but it occurs to me that the greatest health breakthrough in my lifetime is not the plentiful cancer treatments, or the eradication of many childhood diseases, or even advancements made to assure that giving birth isn't fatal.

My vote goes towards dental care.

In my youth, grandparents had few teeth in their mouth. A glass on the nightstand with granny's dentures was a fixture. Our family has tales galore of how Aunt Jane's dachshund ate Pa's teeth. Scratch deep enough and I'm certain your family has them as well.

Today, grandparents have teeth.

What does this have to do with George Washington Carver you ask?

Once upon a time,George was a Missouri kid, who eventually found his way to Martha's neighborhood, then college in Iowa, finally becoming one of America's most successful scientists, and inventors.

Interested in agriculture, young George was well versed in the ways of country people, and most especially the shortage of teeth in adults. His creative genius, led him to explore methods of getting dietary protein into people who couldn't or didn't chew well. His solution?

Peanut Butter.

You thought, PB&J was just for kids didn't you. In fact it has saved thousands of lives, and made the world a better place for many toothless old coots.

Peanut Butter is my favorite food, right after fried chicken. Dr. Carver's name will always be held in high esteem in our house, for this solitary gift to mankind.



Martha said...

Yes, Toad, Dr. Carver did live briefly in this little town on the prairie -- and not far from here is the GW Carver National Historic Site.

Next time I enjoy a peanut butter sandwich, I'll think of you AND Dr. Carver!

And yes, peanut butter is one of my favorite food groups as well!

Suburban Princess said...

Well now that's interesting! I have never given PB a second thought! I always thought Kraft invented it :O)

I eat PB every morning in my oatmeal :O) My Scottishness and my Canadianess often collide gastronomically ;o)

heavy tweed jacket said...

Fantastic. I remember when my wife and I were staying in the UK at a B&B, and the woman at the next table leaned over and said, "You must be American." I asked her why she thought so, and she said that it was the peanut butter I was spreading on my toast that gave it away. I refrained from commenting on the Vegemite she and her husband were putting on their toast. Jif crunchy remains my favorite, btw.

Mrs. Blandings said...

As you can imagine, we eat a lot of peanut butter around here. Me included. My dentist just said to me, "You should have your teeth all your life." Mr. Blandings thought it was hilarious that I was so giddy. He figured everyone did. Oh, to be he of the glowy outlook.

James said...

There is no better fare than cold milk and a peanut butter sandwich. Good for you for recognizing the man to which we all owe so much.

Kimmy said...

I concur, not to mention what may have happened to one of my favorite treats, the Reese's Cup had it not been for Mr. Carver?
I shudder at the thought, cheers!

Main Line Sportsman said...

Creamy Jif on raisin bread...epicurean delight...
I never knew that Dr. carver had a specific motive behind the invention of this wonderful stuff.

LPC said...

What a great post.

Ashley said...

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