Monday, May 17, 2010

I'm searching for a book

Once again, I come hat in hand, seeking knowledge from my favorite people in the world.

I'm trying to remember the name of a garden book, I read twice last year, wanted to purchase, then lost the title.

It's the story written by two guys, if memory serves who were teachers in SF, but moved to garden in New England. They were able to grow marvelous plants that no more belonged in their area than I do. Each chapter was devoted to a specific plant species, tree, or weed.

Ring a bell?

Thanks, muchly, in advance.



Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,
I suggest that you contact Politics & Prose in Washington, D. C. with your search for a particular title. They are one of the best bookshops in the country. They may be reached via 800-722-0790. I will also enquire while I am in their shop this week.


Toad said...

Hilton, thank you, but I bet the title will show up pretty soon.

Anonymous said...

Is it perhaps "The Brother Gardeners" written by a Andrea Wulf? I called Politics & Prose and this is what they came up with for the time being.


Toad said...

Not yet, i forgot the part about it being written by the two gardeners.

Nicholas said...


Toad said...

By Jove, that's it. Thank you very much.

Martha said...

Sounded interesting and so I ordered it, too!!! Amazon may wonder why there is a "run" on this particular book! Thanks for the heads up about a good read -- it got my attention with the chapter on agapanthus!

Shelly said...

A Year at North Hill by Joe and Wayne is a wonderful read for gardening inspiration, my garden bookshelf is overflowing but it looks like I'll have to check out the one you mentioned