Tuesday, May 25, 2010

If 8 year olds drove

Do you have trouble controlling the technology in your life? Ever have to call a kid to tell you how to operate your computer? Do you play video games?

If the answer to any of those questions is no, allow me to introduce the Mercedes Benz SCL 600.

A pretty coupe. Has the obligatory high end sports car gullwing doors. Close to $200k and fits 2 adults and their golf clubs comfortably. US Luxury tax is in effect.

The rear looks like GM something or other.

Most important are the interior refinements. Leather seats, optional sun roof, multiple cup holders,

and neither pedals, nor steering wheel. Enjoyed best via a joy stick.

Wouldn't it be fun to risk life and limb daily in nerd boy wheels?



Mrs. Blandings said...

Now I know how my mother-in-law felt when people starting talking about home computers. I'm not sure that is a transition I am going to be able to make.

Suburban Princess said...

On the outside it looks just like my husband's run of the mill, boring, sales reppish looking car.

The Down East Dilettante said...

What Mrs. Blandings said.

Anonymous said...

Toad --

Tell us truthfully.

Do actually miss crank-starting your car?

Toad in his younger years?

David said...

You're right, for that much money the back end shouldn't look like a Grand Am.

Patsy said...

Wow, those wheels probably cost more than my car. Hate the back end, but love the front.

Kimmy said...

I will have to stay with my love for the Mercedes Maybach-much lovelier lines and more luxury. This vehicle looks exactly like the Chevrolet Cavalier-2 door at that.
I am sure this would only aggravate me! :-)

Toad said...

While I have push started my car 100's of times, I have only crank started 2. I can understand why the crank went away.

Much like the pull start of lawnmowers.

Town and Country Mom said...

In the words of Piglet, "Oh d-d-d-dear, d-d-dear, dear me . . . ."