Thursday, May 20, 2010

Springtime at The Park

Sometimes not cutting the grass can be a good thing.

We are fortunate in that we are able to grow the grass as high as we like, and not have to worry about the Jones. In spring its especially fortunate. I'll show you why, without going to Bambi on you. It may help to click on the photos.

It's rare that we have geese in the pond. Occasionally, they'll stop for a while, but they have never nested here, and deep down I know that is a good thing. We had them in other houses, and they generally do not make good neighbors.

This year they appear to have nested somewhere near the lake. The tall grass is teeming with bugs and good geese grub, so they should be happy there. In speaking to the moms today I warned them of the bass in the lake, but otherwise they should be happy.

Just up the hill, the deer like to hang out. The dogs sit in the window and howl at the deer who pay them no mind. It is almost birthing time for the momma deer, so we tend to keep the dogs inside. If we are good the deer let us babysit.

Guys, you'll know this. There is a voice wives save for special occasions. It's never good, and only a fool would fail to react in his most solicitous manner. I heard that shriek this afternoon.

The monologue went something like this.

"I don't know or care what that is, get it away from her and do it now."

Charley, the hunter, found a turkey.



ADG said...

"going Bambi"...brilliant! I'll be using it if you don't mind.

James said...

I envy you. What an idyllic place to live.

M.Lane said...

Gorgeous place to be. Watch out for the geese.


Suburban Princess said...

Oh yes, my husband knows the shriek well - we have a Jack Russell who just loves his backyard hunting rounds!

Be careful of the geese - they will attack. They really are dreadful creatures!

JDB said...

"Cutting the grass"? Love it! Sure you're not from the South? We don't "mow lawns" down here, you know.

Patsy said...

Oh, I would so rather have deer and geese than the water rat under the neighbor's deck. We do have giant turkeys, though, which are somewhat disconcerting to encounter on our morning run.

JMW said...

What a lovely setting! Yeah, it would be nice not to have to worry about the grass. We haven't been able to cut it lately b/c of all of the rain! But, hopefully that will change this evening. The turkey - oh, my.

Toad said...

JDB: Mark Twain grew up 100 miles north of me and claimed southern roots. I could proudly stake a claim to southernhood, but that doesn't necessarily make it so.