Sunday, May 9, 2010

More Window Shopping

First and foremost Happy Mother's Day. I salute you, and thank you for your sacrifice. Mother's make the world a better place, and I'm grateful for you.

My bride generously gave me a handful of Sears gift cards last week. Neither of us could recall where they came from, and since we rarely shop at Sears, I went shopping at Lands End.

So what if Lands End isn't the retailer at the top of the clothing chain? I have always found their goods well made and a good value, and most importantly for an on-line retailer, their stuff can be returned to Sears, no questions asked.

First I hit the sales racks.

It was 85F in Mayberry on Easter, and has barely hit 75 since. It's still sweater weather here. Summer sweaters are an oxymoron in Mayberry. Rarely, is a summer evening cool enough to consider donning a sweater, but I can hope, or perhaps dream can't I? Maybe someone will offer a trip to New England this July.

I have a linen and shawl collar fetish. I have proven my bonafides several times in this regard.

So when I found a linen shawl collar sweater here I pounced. $35, choice of colors, I couldn't go wrong. I just hope I get to wear it.

Next came the latest edition of my Johnny Apple blue gingham shirt collection.

Mr. Apple was famous for his Harvie and Hudson gingham shirts. H&H's off the peg don't work for me, and I do not get to London as often as I'd wish for custom. This is my summer 2010 alternative. Offered sized, none of that S-M-L nonsense. Under $40. I purchased a LE Canvas scarf in this material last month, and am awed by the softness of the cloth.

Last, in the hope this fabric is just as soft I picked up this scarf.

Until last summer I never wore scarves, but a combination of The Sartorialist's inspirational photos, and to wick away summer humidity I have come to like them. The added color is nice as well.

Happy shopping.



Jg. for FatScribe said...

one of each, please.

ADG said...

It all looks good Toad. I finally relented, at LFG's insistence, and visited a barbershop. Looks like you've had a little "clean up" as well. The shawl collar is on my fall "to-make" list

Suburban Princess said...

I love the shawl collar on a man!
I have a collection of silk/cashmere scarves for the summer - they are perfect for cooler evenings :O)

Springheel said...

What a lovely shawl collar cardigan. Very dapper.

Shame you can't get away with Harvie and Hudson shirts - I find them very good indeed for the money. In fact, they are my brand of choice... but that could be because I love their corner shop on Jermyn Street so much. It is, and always will be, about 1962 in there.

Toad said...

Springheel it's hard to be a fat man.

Springheel said...

My dear Toad, I can only say that ANY variation from the morphic norm is punished - I am a lean and hungry man (which is clearly due to a fortunate genetic inheritance, given my habits and diet) so you might think I have fewer problems, but I am also six foot two, so am used to finding that shirts have what, in my selfish view, are arms designed for midgets. Nor can I ever aspire to emulate that audacious magnificence which is the special preserve of stout men (preferably of rubicund appearance) when they wear a loudly checked three piece suit.

DAM said...

I bit - two of the three you listed.

I've been in the market for the shawl cardigan since the fall and should have gotten the J.Crew wool cable when they had it, but passed. With two October weddings with bon fires and chilly nights in Napa expected next week, this will work wonders in navy.

I went with the pink gingham, btw, as my blue collection is overfloweth...

Toad said...

I too did the navy sweater. I am waiting to see how well the blue gingham works before ordering the pink. It looks very nice.

heavy tweed jacket said...

The gingham check shirts and the shawl collar sweater look great!