Sunday, May 16, 2010

Lands End

The man in the brown truck arrived Friday delivering my order from Lands End. Oh happy days. Friday being date night I couldn't wait to tuck into my new duds and see how I did. I hate the anxiety which comes when ordering on line, but not as much as I hate doing the real shopping experience.

That said, here is a quick review.

In the olden days I always kept a sweater in the car during the summer. That way I could be gallant if when on a date the restaurant was cold, I could offer a wrap. Now, Mrs. T doesn't get cold, I do. The car found a new sweater.

From the first photo, you can tell I actually ordered the navy, not gray, although I will kick myself if I allow the gray to get away. I love this sweater. It is somewhat heavier than I hoped, which is great for early S/S, bad for middle. It was 60F Friday night and the weight was perfect.
I am a jerk about shirts. They have to be just so, although for an inexpensive play shirt like this I will forgive a lot. I have little to forgive here. I wish it didn't have the breast pocket, but so what. It is sized, like a real shirt, no SML. The tails are long, buttons quality, and includes placket buttons, which is a plus for me.

My sole caution is beware if you have a middle. If you do try the LE custom, or the big. The same shirt is available there and will be made to fit, for not a lot more.

It's a bit much I know, but I like the scarf.

So for date night we went into the big city. The Italian neighborhood has fabulous restaurants on every street corner, except the one with the church. A blind man could sniff and pick a wonderful place. Our date night partners got to chose, and picked the only lemon in the zip code. We enjoyed their company anyway.


PS: I have since ordered the gray sweater, and the shirt in navy gingham. Happy Fathers day to me.


Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,
Which model of shirt did you order in gingham? I will look for it in my local Sears store.

Thank you,

heavy tweed jacket said...

Stunning. Way to pick 'em. That sweater looks like a great solution for warmer weather when I'd like to give a jacket a rest.

Anonymous said...

Hello Toad,
I enjoy your comments very much. Thanks to your last post I have discovered LE and have emailed an order for three shawl cardigans from LE. I'm quite happy living in Melbourne, but there are many establishments that I have not heard of. (After 'finding' Ben Silver, my savings have nose-dived!!)
All the very best from Downunder,

K.S. Anthony said...

Well played, old sport.

Martha said...

We always loved to eat on "The Hill" when we went to that Big City -- I didn't know there was a lemon there!

Mom on the Run said...

Excellent choices. I love Lands' End.

James said...

Great look. Like you I think a sweater is a great way to fight off a chill.

M.Lane said...

A fine set of choices!


Toad said...

Martha there is at least one lemon on "the Hill".

Ian, I haven't looked lately but exchange rates must be very favorable to spend much time at Ben Silver.

Anon: The shirt I selected was:

Thank you all.

Karena said...

Love the scarf Toad!! It is so cool right now, I am indeed wearing sweaters!

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Art by Karena

David said...

I love a gingham shirt. I should try one of these, I'm having issues with the length of my usual JCrew shirts.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

You can never go wrong with a tartan scarf.

house things said...

Love your selections. I order a lot from Lands End, and am usually pretty happy with what comes.

Patsy said...

I just ordered a ladies navy gingham shirt from Land's End! I hope we don't wear them to the same place..........

Toad said...

Patsy, I hope we do.

Easy and Elegant Life said...

Hoping that shirt comes in red.... off to see. Thanks.