Friday, May 7, 2010

Flop House

I'm running a flop house.

For the past two weeks we have been dog sitting our Carolina relatives puppy, while they tour Europe. Their dog, Ron is the one in the middle of the nap pack.

Dogs are like children. Parents of youngsters know when they have the cousins, or kids from school over to play, for a long time things are pretty good, then it turns. Too much togetherness is not always a good thing.

Dogs are the same. For 2 weeks we have changed their routine, upset their hierarchy, and drove ourselves nuts. It's time for Ron to go. His people come home late this evening. Somehow the dogs have sensed Ron's leaving, as the pups have ignored each other all day.

Watching Ron has been my excuse for not accomplishing much lately. It's back to work now with a vengeance.



Shelley said...

At least when they are flopped out they are quiet!

Suburban Princess said...

Familiarity does breed contempt!

Kathy said...

The one in the chair with a pillow cracks me up.

house things said...

Looks like a good arrangement from the dogs' point of view.

JMW said...

That one in the chair is definitely not having it, with his back turned on everyone. Glad Ron's "people" are returning soon. :)