Saturday, May 22, 2010

Car shopping with Toad II

It was once a truism amongst car guys that as men mature, or age if you prefer, their car preferences tilt towards the cars of their youth. As nondescript as modern cars are that may not hold much longer, but it still works for me.

I learned to drive in one of these.

It was a '68 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham, 'bout the size of a post war suburban ranch house. My girlfriend, later wife and mother of my children taught me to drive, in her dad's car.

I have two recollections about that car. It had an awesome stereo. These were the days of the introduction of FM radio. Finding a car with FM was rare. Finding one in a car with a better stereo than home beggared belief.

The car could pass anything on the road, except a gas station. Admittedly, gas was maybe 20 cents/gal, but grass cutting paid less then. I loved that car.

Since then I have made a lot of lemonade, but drawn some definite conclusions about my next set of wheels.

Several words of warning. This may not be as politically correct as some may like. That's life. When I last had a daily driver, I drove maybe 50 miles a month, I also keep cars forever. Green to me is driving something that already exists, I'm not going to concern myself if it gets 8 MPG. I still have to contend with emission regulations.

Conclusion 1: I've never had an accident. My number is likely soon up, probably by a multitasker in an urban assault vehicle, so I better be prepared. The car better be big.

2. I like convertibles. It's a holdover from my cigar days. I enjoy the cigar, I hate the lingering smell. Ragtops are the way to go. My dermatologist says he can fix the sun spots and cancer.

3. Gotta be cheap. Cheap to buy, cheap to fix. No computers, GPS, Teeth, or gizmos.

4. Gotta look nice, and be reasonably unique. I hate the thought of approaching an intersection and finding 4 identical cars next to mine.

So what did I come up with in my fantasy shopping list?

The Ultimate, rolling crime wave. A car for the ages. Thank god, I'm married, cause this would be hard for many to resist.

The white suited BOSS Toadmobile. Antlers optional.

If your tastes are for the eclectic take a gander



James said...

By God I think you've found it! Thanks for a great morning read.

M.Lane said...

Perfect! Perfect post and perfect car.

I want one too.


Suburban Princess said...

That's awesome! You so need the white stetson to comeplete the entire look :O)

old polo said...

okay, here is one that I think that you have overlooked,okay, maybe two, but the second, I don't think would work for you...1) Land Rover, series lla 109 station wagon and 2) 1960 Austin Healey Bugeye Sprite.

David said...

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make this your ride, it's probably my favorite car of all time. My mother's El Dorado was a 69 and not a convertible, I always wished it had been a soft top 76. I like most all the old Cadillac colors, Cotillion white and Innsbruck Blue being my favorites. The El Dorado is especially handsome in either. (Closely followed by Firethorn Red)

Just make sure it has the matching boot to cover the roof well. You never know when you'll be pressed into parade service.

Toad said...

Old Polo, I have had them both. The Rover I'd like to have in the garage, the bugeye, like a series 1 Spitfire is just god awful.

I've become an Alfa guy over time. My last 3 were glorious.

Paul said...

I went to Phil's Driving School in New Haven, CT. But I really learned to drive when I got a job as a grocery delivery person for our corner grocery store and meat market. 1962 Ford Falcon SW with 3 speed standard shift. Learn to drive it or you can't keep the job. I used to start out in second gear and go from there. Hey - it got me $35 a week in 1963 - big bucks back then. Thanks for bringing back the memories!

Toad said...

Paul, in 1966 my best bud got one to haul us to school. It was basic, but lots of fun until we rolled it.

Patsy said...

I had that car - a '73, though. In yellow. At college. What a mistake. But fun while it lasted!