Sunday, February 28, 2010

This Is Why Government Exists

Otherwise you wouldn't know.

Let us give thanks that February is over.


house things said...

We've noticed that warning signs are less prevalent in other countries. Are their people just smarter?

Martha said...

Ah, like the one on the Colorado River at Hoover Dam . . . the one about the same size that says "Dam ahead" . . . as if you couldn't see that huge dam but you can see the normal size sign!

It isn't that people elsewhere are smarter -- they just have less lawyers per capita than we do!

NCJack said...

No, Martha, they have as many, but Americans seem to have developed an attitude that "hey, can't you see I'm busy here makin' money", and refuse to pay any bloody attention to anyone or anything else, then go whining that they were somehow wronged.

Maybe it's urban/suburbanization, but a ton of our countrymen don't seem to actually know that water might form puddles...on a low part of a road...which is (gasp) outdoors.

Shelley said...

Is this a real sign? Do you think they might have been trying to remind people about hydroplaning (they call it aquaplaning over here).

Patsy said...

Up north, we have the Frost Heave signs - you usually see them as you are airborn over said heaves.

Toad said...

Shelly I believe the sign to be authentic. The reason inexplicable.

Tish Jett said...

You are hilarious. Yesterday I saw a sign -- in French -- that warned me "a hole is forming" in the road. It did not however inform me where or when. My question is if they knew it was forming, why didn't they fill it?

I know I don't leave comments, but I'm a huge fan. And I know you are beloved by two of my favorite blogs in-the-whole-wide-world: Els and James.

Best regards,

Toad said...

Thank you Tish. I enjoy them as well.