Saturday, February 20, 2010

if I had a dime

If I had a dime for every time a teacher told my parents,"he seems smart enough, just needs to apply himself more", I could retire.

To my way of thinking I did apply myself, just had a hard focusing on the nonsense I was being fed. The Simon and Garfunkel song, Kodachrome, pretty well sums up my life.

I spent much of the day playing with the dogs, instead of what I really should have been working on, which led me to thinking how shaggy the big beast was, which led to trying to figure out when he should get a haircut.

Typically, his spring cut, is what is known as a puppy cut in the trade. His hair is about an inch long, and he's really cute. If he is terribly matted, or the barber is inexperienced, he gets shaved.

I can't bear to look at him when he looks like a bald deer. I know he is embarrassed for himself. It's days before he'll even go outside.

Then the stars aligned. The baby of the house is a Shih Tzu, which translates into Lion Dog.

I came across this in my travels. It's not a Ted, The Wonderdog kind of dog, but it's close enough.

I'm already in the dog house from yesterday, Mrs. T says absolutely not (abso-posalutely). What do you think?



house things said...

Your dogs are so cute. Don't blame you for playing with them as much as possible.

Dumbwit Tellher said...

I'm with the Mrs. "not". Funny though, as in funny looking! Your pups are so precious. I'd be playing in the snow too with them instead all those other dreary chores of life.

longwing said...

Hot dog.

Anonymous said...

That's a HORRIBLE idea. - KT

ADG said...

Damn that's classic!

But you are retired.

Kathy said...

I'd love to see the looks on people's faces as I got out of the car with that beast at the local dog park. Ha!

Easy and Elegant Life said...

Barrymore, at the fine age of 13, is no longer in showable state. I let his mane grow and he has a fine broken coat. He seems very happy in his natural state.

As we age together, perhaps I'll let my eyebrows go wild and wear a handlebar myself. Some things you just have to earn.... let your dog enjoy playing at wild beast for a bit longer.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Don't you dare!

Anonymous said...

What a marvelous beast! Spare him the humiliation and get a nice puppy clip.