Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Looking for 11 co-conspirators

You didn't really believe that summer without shopping bit, did you?

Buddy ADG at Maxminimus started an itch with this shoe.

I have the same opinion of GTH shoes as I do pants. Everyone needs at least one pair. However, I draw the line at dropping a wad on what are at best a private joke amongst insiders.

"Look at me's" don't need to start in the 4 figures.

That said, I believe every man's wardrobe should have at least one great pair of summer shoes. In the warmer climes a guy can get away with a lot, and not look like he's wearing clown shoes. Problem is there is not a lot to choose from.

ADG's post got me thinking. The greenie stickem caps are clearly shell cordovan Aldens. Saturday, I went to my local Alden buddies and asked them, what else ya got for summer? "What do ya want?" they replied.

Seems Alden will make anything, in any size, for an order of 12 pair.

So I'm looking for co-conspirators. Who needs a great pair of summer shoes?


My preference is for brown.

Blue Suede?

If we can find 11 like minded souls, Alden is at our beck and call. Any style, any last, any leather, any color, any trim, and it needn't cost an arm or a leg.

If you want to play email me.



Nico Dodd said...

I wish I had the dough to throw into this. I'm going to enjoy the coming deliberations.

Main Line Sportsman said...

I kinda draw the line at White Bucks...my favorite Summer shoe...and for some reason...the Ladies really love 'em...which is an ancillary benefit.

ADG said...

Toad...let me know if I can post this over at my site and see if I can't churn up some additional prospects.

Blue said...

I'd be in for the blue suede!

Rory Carlton said...

I'd like the green loafers AND the blue suede. Also wonder would anyone else be interested in their Longwing Blucher in a dark blue cordovan?
Emailing you...

NCJack said...

Have to pass on these, but if you guys keep us in the loop, I can see chipping in for some future totally unneeded bagatelle