Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Odds and Ends

Window shopping throughout the Empire the past several days has turned up several interesting items. I also learned a thing or two.

1. Ellie Stager, the Cordial Churchman,tired of fielding requests for my one off patch tweed scarf, has decided to make them available to any and all. I love mine, but she has added a couple of twists which I think you too will like. She has graciously consented to name them after moi. You may order your own Toad from Ellie.

2. The Balmoral Bonnet: this may surprise some of our European readers, but were you aware that most Scottish hats are made in Pakistan? I'm unsure why that caught me off guard, but it did. Seems there is a guy, that everyone in the hat bus knows, who knows a guy who makes them. Mine should arrive in a couple of months. Thank you to all who helped in my search.

3. Fat men need to be careful when wearing tartan. Too much horizontal stripe, and you look like the Michelin man gone bad, or the Duke of Windsor's grandfather, Edward VII.

For you young, trim, rakes looking to add a little color to your rainment, might I suggest a pair of genuine, official, British army issue tartan trousers. You may find them here. 25 GBP less VAT. Not bad. 4 tartan choices are available.

4. Stable Belts: Once upon a time, Tintin of The Trad wrote about stable belts. I hadn't a clue what he was talking about. I thought it must be a surcingle belt in regimental colors and left it at that.

Last week my Brit Khaki's arrived. The long pants and the drill shorts have a double belt closure, which struck me as dumber than dirt. What did I know?That double belt closure, derived from cavalry uniforms, is known as a stable belt.

In the 1950's regiments began having belts made in their regimental colors. In addition to the double belt, alternative buckles are available.

5. Sting and The Police: Sunday's NYT book review pages had an interesting factoid. Each member of the band, The Police has written an autobiography. Collectively, 10 pages deal with the band.

Keep your shady side up today and happy shopping.



ADG said...

"Michelin man gone bad"....classic!

Gwennie said...

I ordered a scarf for my Dad, he will love it! Thanks!