Thursday, February 4, 2010

Separated at Birth?

PETA may not always be wrong.

Shoes Alexander McQueen.
Not Shoes: AKC



James said...

Thank you for the morning laugh!

Shelley said...

Well spotted! isn't fashion silly some/most of the times? I live only about 15 miles south of Bedlington, Northumberland, home of the Bedlington Terrier.

Had to look up PETA, mind. I don't disagree entirely with them in principle. My Dad was a professional photographer. He told me he once had a job working in a hospital research lab photographing the animals -- mainly dogs at the time -- they used for surgical experimentation. He said he couldn't hack it for more than a few days; he had to quit. That said, all the animal rights people I've come across up here in Newcastle are really scary types and gain no empathy from me.

Sorry to be so serious -- it's my curse to be that way. Cute post.

Kathy said...

Steve Martin has a very funny short story (same title) in his collection, "Cruel Shoes." I immediately thought of it when I saw your photo. Yikes!

JMW said...

Having followed Alexander McQueen's designs over the years, I've come to the conclusion that he doesn't like women. Who the heck would wear that???

Anonymous said...

I love a Bedlington! The McQueen shoes, not so much.

Toad said...

My condolences to the McQueen family and organization.

Turner Pack Rats said...

PETA - people eating tasty animals
but seriously folks, what an incredible loss. comfort aside, those shoes are the mark of someone thinking not just outside the box but outside the planet. without folks like mcqueen, we'd still be swinging from the trees and picking lice off each other. my condolences also.