Monday, March 1, 2010

Speeding tickets?

Police citations are taken with a grain of salt in Mayberry. They are somewhat more advisory than serious, especially if you have a certain mindset or are a member of a certain local tribes.

Tickets are meant to be fixed, except by the seriously stupid.

Get a ticket and one of two things takes place. You call your lawyer or police buddy and somehow everything goes away. All records are expunged. The second, more public option is this. On most commercial intersections hangs the shingle of one of the guys who was near the bottom of his law class. He advertises his ticket fixing service for $49. You may have to plead guilty to excessive noise, or part time vagrancy, but no moving violation ever occurred by the time he's through. All perfectly legal.

If you're of the right tribe, examples abound of cops driving the impaired home, after too many. In one case of mistaken identity the locals shot the tires of a tribesman involved in a drug bust gone bad. Once they realized their mistake the officers changed the guys tire, and returned his guns and merchandise.

I offer this background so you may share my incredulity encountered during dinner recently.

Mrs. T and I were at an event, the conversation was more gossip than anything and one of the women at our table, stone sober and straight faced, allowed that she couldn't count the number of times she had received multiple tickets in the same day. Usually driving car pool. She wasn't kidding.

Mrs. T got her first ticket in 30 years last summer and cried all day. She was unable to speak.

I asked if it were OK if her kids followed her modelling. Most certainly they wouldn't, she informed me. I'm still wondering why.



James said...

You have to wonder why Nature allows people like that to reproduce.

Dumbwit Tellher said...

Big, heavy, *sigh* - I know I'm getting up there in years but I am so weary of terrible drivers here in our Texas hamlet. You'd think the perpetrators of speeding would be a teen or man in a hot sports car, but no, it's the moms in their mini-vans loaded with little ones. We too had a friend who bragged about her recent ticket for going 50 in a 35 (residential area). She had two filled car seats in her vehicle at the time. I was appalled. Rates right up there with my anger when seeing kids out of seat belts & car seats here in Houston. Happens more than you'd like to know D :

nanc said...

Amazing. At my son's parish school there was a huge push to get a stop light for safer exit from the parking lot. The carpools with the most children in them get to exit first, so while these same parents were pushing the stop light for safety, they were double buckling their little passengers and skipping the car seats. Sometimes if looks like circus clown cars in the morning drop off line.

Tish Jett said...

Now, that I'm hooked, I thought I would give you a little token of my appreciation. If you visit chez moi, you will find it.

Best regards,

longwing said...

My oldest son, who likes cars and speeding too much for my taste, now purchases radar detectors. About twice a year he will leave it in the car at just the right time for some little criminal can smash his window to take it for himself. I'll ask you as I've asked him, what's the fucking point?

susanmeade said...

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Norma Richards said...

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