Sunday, February 7, 2010

A boy and his dogs

I'm willing to start on the right foot here. Your dogs are smarter, better trained, and cuter than mine, but they are yours, and you're not sharing.

These two are ours. When you last saw Teddy, he had had a very bad night, traipsing the briar patch with his old buddy, Brer Deer. It took a couple of trained troops to shave him bald headed just so he could open his eyes.

That was Labor Day, and now he looks like his old self.

Ted is a 13 year old soft coated Wheaten Terrier. Wheaten refers to their color, but its an Irish breed, and like many of his countrymen, he takes life a little slower, and with a bit of humor. A sweeter, more gentle beast you will never find. He's been my buddy for a very long time.

With his long coat he loves being outside. He comes alive in the worst of weather. He'll cry, whine, and kick the door down if he must to get outside. Once there he take a slow amble around the grounds, then lies down and takes a nap.

Ted's little sister was a Christmas gift to Mrs. T from her children. Charlie is a 4 month old Shih Tzu.
My bride made it very clear up front that if it was cold out, dark, inclement or inconvenient I would be allowed to tend to her baby. Guess what?

Winters in Mayberry are cold, and frequently inclement. Nights are dark, and I tend to get up earlier in the morning than my wife, so I get to be first to let her out, feed her, and tell her stories. Charlie won't give her mistress the time of day, and I'm in trouble. Go figure.

If I ever knew, I'd forgotten just how much puppies were like little people. They are demanding, require constant surveillance, and are funny as can be. I haven't laughed so much for so long in ages. She is a real joy.

It will come as no particular surprise to anyone with multiple pets, that my two kids don't necessarily get along.

Charlie is all baby,trying aggressively to learn. She also is accustomed to having other dogs around. Ted is not.

It's much like taking the kids to grandpa's. Grandpa Ted will allow himself to be jumped on for a little while, then suddenly its get me out of here. Everyday is a holiday around here.

I took the outside photos this morning. Our snow was gone by noon. My heart goes out to all of you experiencing weather. Please be careful.



Martha said...

Dogs make life so much better -- both your pups are cuties!

James said...

Toad you are a joy.

the Inveterate Optimist said...

Experiencing a bit of dog envy. Our older son is allergic, but we've heard that Wheatens are an option. (In fact, my mother kept insisting that we get one when we lived in 'Wheaton'; since we've moved, she's become less vocal.)

Suburban Princess said...

What a nice post to read on a Sunday morning!
When we brought our son home my poor little JRT had no idea what had happened! He still has his moments!

house things said...

Wonderful post, Toad. Dogs are truly the embodiment of joy. My dogs are having a blast in the snow, which is a good thing, since there is so darn much of it.

Toad said...

Mrs. T is highly allergic to dogs, and we were both very wary when Charlie showed up.

Her allergies seem to stem from the type of coat. In 13 years she has never been bothered by Ted. There are no apparant problems yet with chuck.

We did have a wireheared dog, which almost killed her.

David said...

While Jack is technically my dog, he's been Brett's boy from the start. Sounds like Charlie has made her decision as well. Here's hoping it doesn't gall Mrs. T as much as it occasionally does me.

Shelley said...

I don't have a dog; haven't in 19 years; before that I never went without. I have pictures of my dogs and I still carry them all in my heart. I just haven't felt I could give a dog a proper home. Even now I'm retired, Bill is the first one up, getting ready to go to work. He would inevitably be the one to walk the dog and that wouldn't be fair. We'll see what happens when Bill retires. In the meantime I shall envy you your buddies. I might pull out my pictures and share some memories.

Dumbwit Tellher said...

A dog story, any dog story, melts my heart. ♥

Patsy said...

I love dogs! We just visited a dog sled kennel with 100 dogs in the yard, it was incredible.

Your dogs are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I love dogs! Great post.

Pigtown-Design said...

one of our friends had a wheaten called seamus and every year at st. pat's, he dyed the dog green. not a pale green, but a go-to-hell kelly green. stayed that way for a few months and gradually faded. it was great and seamus loved being the center of attention.