Saturday, February 27, 2010

My Apologies to Oz

Mrs. T's favorite child graduated from Tulane 5 years ago. Immediately he went to work for a company which promised to work him to death, pay him well, give him lots of experience,and if he held up, give him a 1 month paid in full, anywhere in the world for two, sabbatical at the end of 5 years. That would be July.

But boys are different from girls.

The Friday before Valentine's he told his great boss, thanks, but I've had enough, I'm leaving the end of the month. Since his employer had heard that story before, he took the news in stride.

Girls would have stuck it out, at least until after sabbatical time.

His first call, after giving notice was to his sister, Mindy. You remember her.

" You're on spring break the first week of March aren't you?"
"Wanna go to Australia?"

They left this morning with no more planning than you gave to picking up the morning paper. She's back in 10 days. He's staying a week or so longer.

To all my friends in Oz, I'm sorry to drop our problem on you. A week or 2 with 100+F temps may make the rest of winter in Madison, Wisconsin seem more bearable.



nanc said...

Admirable spirit!

JMW said...

10 days in Australia...yep, I would take that right about now.

Karena said...

Can I come along, it sounds fabulous and it is one place I have not been fortunate to visit.....yet!

Toad said...

so they get to the airport, 4:30 Am. who knew they needed a visa?