Thursday, January 28, 2010

You choose.

At the gym today my IPOD continually shuffled between Jeremy Irons and Sting. I took that as a sign.

Near contemporaries, successful, talented, respected, political, philanthropic, and long married. They may also have the distinction of being the two most beautiful men of their generation.

The life of a screen actor must be terribly neurotic. You go to work, and a year later, the director shows you a film, and tells you to go out and sell it. In the mean time you've done 4 other things, have forgotten the work you're hyping and then have to wait for critics and the audience to give you feedback. For a ham like me, I'd need instant gratification. I'll take the stage, or a rock and roll career any day.

Remember the opening of the Masterpiece Brideshead? Has anyone ever looked like the young Jeremy Irons?

Except perhaps the young Sting?

To my eye they have aged fairly well too.

Part of the Faustian bargain of being married to one of the world's beautiful and accomplished people is knowing how and where to compete, and when to be yourself.

Both men are married to women who were accomplished actresses before marriage.

While Mrs. Sting may appear more the rock star glam wife, Mrs. Irons, an attractive woman in her own right, seems more settled in her own skin.

To each I wish much continued success, although if they each never did another thing, we would have memories for a lifetime.


Gail, in northern California said...

Cronenberg/Irons' "M.Butterfly" and "Dead Ringers"...chilling. You won't forget either one any time soon. Brilliant actor. Thanks for including pictures of the wives. Mrs. Irons looks very happy and content on his arm.

katiedid said...

Hard to choose..agreed. But since you asked, I would have to say Sting....perhaps only because I have seen in him person...twice...and he presents just as well close up. Tough choice though.

Toad said...

Deep down I'd go with Jeremy. Too many wonderful memories.

Unknown said...