Thursday, January 21, 2010

The door project

When you are living right, lots of your favorite things merge together, and if you're really doing it right it makes you look like you knew what you were doing all along.

This past week I have been playing with our Bentley, Camila Parker Rolls and thinking about the next house project. Both have issues which had me stumped.

It may not be your cuppa, but often my bed time reading is an ancient Rolls Royce parts catalog. Parts catalogs often show lots of pieces together, so you get some idea how the parts are supposed to go on. Lately my favorite sections have had to do with interior parts. Not fun necessarily, but important in the larger scheme.

My favorite part of the interior catalog is "Door Jewelry". The phrase is a holdover from the days of coachbuilt automobile bodies and describes the knobs, locks, pulls, trim and finishing details (escutcheons) used to piece the doors together. It's fairly extensive. I love the term. Later I came to understand its significance in home decor.

Armed with a cool term I decided that our front door needed dressing. The Park is a bowdlerized 4 over 4 Georgianish colonial. I began Binging and Google imaging to get a feel for what the true 21st century ideal Georgian door looked like.

One thing led to another, which eventually led to a small pamphlet on our bookshelves, Georgian Dublin. Remember the poster Doors of Dublin? Same thing only different.

Armed with my new visuals, I headed to the door.

The top picture was taken in the fall, a year or so ago. The picture above was taken this holiday season. A close examination, of the bottom right, will prove we have a new puppy, as well as a furry old beast.

After comparing picts, I have decided to leave well enough alone, with perhaps one exception

My original inspiration for the red door was obviously Talbots. Since we spent a lot of time at the "Red Door" I believed it might keep us home more. Now Talbots is out, and Chico's is in.

What color are their doors?



Shelley said...

Over here the stuff on the doors in houses is called 'door furniture'. I think jewelry is a much better term. I do love Dublin's doors, too, but installing one of those half-round windows could be pretty expensive. A red door is really classy, I think, particularly when surrounded with white. Can't help you with Chico's, mind, having lived away so long. I think of it as a cheap Mexican restaurant chain. Spotted your wainscoting project; very impressive!

Patsy said...

I've never seen a stand-alone Chico's, only the mall variety.

I grew up with a red door - if you got off at the train station in our town and asked at the cab stand to be taken to the house with the red door, they knew right where to go.

Patsy said...

p.s. I like your door just the way it is.

Gail, in northern California said...

Maybe startling is what Talbot's is after but I much prefer your more subtle soothing red.

Is that Ted out front?

JMW said...

I like the red door. Ours is black like our shutters - very standard old school. But, it works for us.

Toad said...

I'm fascinated by London's black doors, and for the life of me can't figure out why they were never changed.

If you don't know the story, London was once as colorful as Dublin. When Albert died, as a mark of respect for the queen exterior doors were painted black.

LPC said...

I hate my front door. It's 1950's ranch. It's white. One of these days I'm gonna rip that weird bronze door handle right off. And in all cases puppies>door jewelry.

preppyplayer said...

Funny, when I think of red doors- I see Elizabeth Arden!
I have a glossy black door and I love it.
Yours is very nice, red pops!