Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I received this email from #1 son this morning. I think you will find this interesting.

"Adam used to work with me. He left here about a year ago to get married and finish school. He's a photographer, he speaks fluent Haitian Creole, and has spent time in the past doing missionary work in Haiti.

For their first wedding anniversary he and his bride decided that 2 weeks in Haiti sounded like a pretty good idea.

They arrived in Port Au Prince on January 5th.

This is the blog of their travels. It's pretty interesting to see just how drastically a vacation can be ruined in 42 seconds time."


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JMW said...

I can't imagine. So amazing that they survived to tell their story. Hopefully this will inspire even more people to give. I heard that Haiti had a 6.1 aftershock today - I can't imagine the terror they must have felt.