Sunday, January 31, 2010

Looking for....

My lifelong obsession with hats continues. Can anyone help me locate this hat's identical twin?


PS: To kindred spirit Rechelle: I'd be honored to go back onto the blog roll.


columnist said...

It's a Tam o'shanter, which if you Google you can find in any good Scottish clothing store. The badge is the clan badge.

James said...

Great hat I admit, but could you or I carry off that gnarly look he has?

Suburban Princess said...

Try googling The Wee Tartan Shop in Port Perry - he gets all sorts of things!

Anonymous said...

Sensational hat, and I'm certain you have the tweeds to pull off the "highland" look!

And just in case Rechelle reads your comments, "Please keep writing and welcome to the wonderful world of Freethinkers!"


Scott said...

Respectfully, not a Tam O' Shanter. It's a diced Balmoral bonnet. And in a color not generally available today. I used to see those occasionally at Highland Games years ago, but of course when I decided to buy one, they seem to have vanished. I ended up with one more with a more greenish cast than the brownish khaki color shown. Some outfitters list a "fawn" color, but I couldn't find a picture of one in that color. Black with red dicing is the default color, and are very common at any highland outfitter. Expect to pay between $75-$90 tor the good made-in-scotland examples.

You can't buy one that would look like that particular specimen in any color, however. You would have to soak it in water, and mould it quite a bit as it dried and shrunk. Or just wear it around outdoors in Scotland for a year or so. Ask an old Army Airborne soldier or Ranger who has conditioned a beret, and they can explain the process in detail.

The clan badge is the "old" MacLennan badge. You can buy it here:



Dumbwit Tellher said...

Guid Eenin (Good Evening) Toad: I asked my Scottish hubby to help find that just that hat for you & this is what I found -

You'd just have to purchase a pin/or family crest to attach to your lovely tam. If you do order one, how'd we all love to see a photo of you wearing it.

Guid cheerio the nou! deb & graham

Toad said...

Thank you to all. The smartest people in the world show up here.