Monday, January 11, 2010

Spalding Gray- RIP

All day long, like a song stuck in your head, I've been thinking about Spalding Gray. After a while, it would go away, only to work its way back into my consciousness. Sometimes,I take that as a sign to post about something. This one wouldn't go away. Finally, it hit me. This is the anniversary of his death. It's been 6 years, feels like yesterday.

I found Spalding, on the Disney Channel of all places. Years ago, they broadcast "Swimming to Cambodia". I probably missed the first half hour, but was spell bound forever after. At one time, I had video tapes of all the monologues.

Spald, had a brother, who teaches in town, so about once a year he would show up do a few shows and sneak out. I rarely missed one.

My favorite show, involved Mrs. T and I taking a group of foreign students to see his monologue. They were lost from the get go. If you couldn't follow the machine gun patter of his dialogue it was curtains. The kids never stood a chance.

Mr. Gray, wherever you are, the world is sadder place with you gone. To the Gray family, others miss your brother as much as you.



David said...

I loved Swimming to Cambodia, and Monster in a Box as well.

Anonymous said...

I linked this on Fan Writings on
webmaster for Estate of Spalding Gray