Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A great hair day

Leave a fat, bald man to his self delusions, but have you ever had a perfect hair day, accidentally?

I'll be switched if I'd dare show a picture, but somehow, someway if I planned my hair to be one way forever it would have been like it was today. I couldn't duplicate it, I couldn't explain to my young barber chick that I wanted it this way. It just turned out.

Having reached the top of my game, follically, I believe I'll shave the remaining two strands off, and retire from the game.

While speaking of my barber chick:

The mythology of the Kennedy clan attributes much of the Kennedy family wealth to old man Joe's belief, and actions that it was time to exit the stock market when his shoe shine guy started giving him stock tips. Thereby escaping the Crash of '29. Advice that would have stood up well in the early 2000's.

For reasons known only to god,or perhaps the need to have a beautiful girl in the photos, my barber is opening the New York Stock Exchange trading day January 8th. Perhaps another sign of a coming apocalypse.


Photos: Life and NYSE


NCJack said...

Know those rare hair days, I cherish them too. Also got out of market in 2007, tipoff being "every knowledgeable observer" was wondering "how high can this market go?"

ADG said...

I've got all my money tied up in cash.

Easy and Elegant Life said...

Words to the wise...

Good hair day? Not lately, I'm overdue at the salon. Yes, salon. I take in a photo and say "make sure I don't look like an idiot." Seems to work.